A trek to the sumptuous waterfall: The Netravali falls

The electrifying spirit of Goa undoubtedly imprints a lasting effect on our memories. It is sad that being  Goans we haven’t explored the gems that Goa possesses. Goa has been known for its coastal line, heritage and parties and nightlife but never for its waterfalls. Now it’s time we pick our magnifying glasses to find mind blowing gems of Goa. When is it a better time than the rainy season when waterfalls are at its peak know?


Amidst the jungles of the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary lies “Savari waterfall” which torrents down by creating a splendid aura. Visitors have to trek through the forest to get a glimpse of this splendid waterfall. I have heard that people take a 4-5 km trek to reach the waterfall. The trek goes through a village, a river and a forest. Perhaps I dint want to walk so much or rather I wanted to reach the waterfall as soon as possible. Impatient as always!

We took the road down the Curdi village and reached the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary entry gate. Rode all the way up to the ghat. On your way up you’ll find another magnificent waterfall called the Mainapi Waterfall but Mainapi is a trek of 5 kms and we were too late to take it. Also, comparatively Mainapi is smaller than the Savari waterfall. After riding for 2 kms in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary we finally reached our destination. From there we had to trek for about a kilometre until we reached the Savari Waterfall.

The best time to visit the waterfall is from August to October. Also, all we could do was take pictures as there were many leeches in certain parts and we did not want to take any risks. You also have to know that the waterfall shuts entry at 4:30 pm from the main entry gate. Also, the trek is a little slippery so wear your best grip shoes. I would also recommend that if you’re planning to go there, go there in a group of five or more because you might find a lot of unwanted creatures there (tourist men). Also alcohol is strictly prohibited in the entire zone.  Food and beverages are allowed. Lastly, the entry to the sanctuary is 20 Rs per person and 25 Rs per  two wheeler.

I hope this article on the Netravali waterfall is helpful to you.
Write to me if you have any more questions on it.
Until next time. xoxo

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