What I bought from Pondicherry and loved!

“Step into Pondicherry and you will wonder if you are in India or France”, said someone before I saw it myself. I went to Pondicherry in the month of may-may end, and may is considered to be the offset of summer. It seemed like Pondicherry loves summer way too much. Anyway, here are some things I bought from Pondicherry and loved!  All these things were bought from Jawaharlal Nehru Street in Pondicherry.


Florals for spring and summer hardly seem groundbreaking. Nothing is more frustrating than buying summery pieces and wearing them once or twice before the season ends. What you should look for are prints with a year round apparel. So here, is a black and purple dress that I bought at the very first stall at the street. I knew right away that I wanted it in my closet. Since the market is a great place to bargain the shop lady was kind enough to give me the dress for 280 bucks. I’ve teamed it up with a silver chain to give it a very Goan-ish vintage look.

SHU_9824 SHU_9860 SHU_9864 SHU_9869 SHU_9876~01



I live in goa and I am tanned almost 365 days of the year due to extreme sun exposure and the humidity here. The next piece I picked up is a beautiful Tan Maxi dress to compliment my skin tone. Tan is such an unusual color that would in fact compliment every skin tone in India. This is a dress from the brand “Abof” and the shopkeeper gave it to me for 340 Rupees only. Such a steal! Also, to complete the tan on tan vibe I added these tan chappals from Westside and gold statement hoops.

SHU_9917 SHU_9903 SHU_9909 SHU_9917 SHU_9926



Travelling and exploring is what I love doing the most. Collecting travel souvenirs comes second. Pondicherry did not have a variety of souvenirs to offer. Even the ones that were available were highly priced. On our last day there, we went hunting for souvenirs to give to our family and friends. We finally found a shop that offered affordable souvenirs. This shop is situated at the Rock Beach stretch next to the PONDICHERRY artwork in blue. The shop had a variety of magnets, handmade soaps, wooden showpieces, incense sticks, etc. Here, are some things that I bought.


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