What I bought from Pondicherry and loved!

“Step into Pondicherry and you will wonder if you are in India or France”, said someone before I saw it myself. I went to Pondicherry in the month of may-may end, and may is considered to be the offset of summer. It seemed like Pondicherry loves summer way too much. Anyway, here are some things I bought from Pondicherry and loved!  All these things were bought from Jawaharlal Nehru Street in Pondicherry.


Florals for spring and summer hardly seem groundbreaking. Nothing is more frustrating than buying summery pieces and wearing them once or twice before the season ends. What you should look for are prints with a year round apparel. So here, is a black and purple dress that I bought at the very first stall at the street. I knew right away that I wanted it in my closet. Since the market is a great place to bargain the shop lady was kind enough to give me the dress for 280 bucks. I’ve teamed it up with a silver chain to give it a very Goan-ish vintage look.

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I live in goa and I am tanned almost 365 days of the year due to extreme sun exposure and the humidity here. The next piece I picked up is a beautiful Tan Maxi dress to compliment my skin tone. Tan is such an unusual color that would in fact compliment every skin tone in India. This is a dress from the brand “Abof” and the shopkeeper gave it to me for 340 Rupees only. Such a steal! Also, to complete the tan on tan vibe I added these tan chappals from Westside and gold statement hoops.

SHU_9917 SHU_9903 SHU_9909 SHU_9917 SHU_9926



Travelling and exploring is what I love doing the most. Collecting travel souvenirs comes second. Pondicherry did not have a variety of souvenirs to offer. Even the ones that were available were highly priced. On our last day there, we went hunting for souvenirs to give to our family and friends. We finally found a shop that offered affordable souvenirs. This shop is situated at the Rock Beach stretch next to the PONDICHERRY artwork in blue. The shop had a variety of magnets, handmade soaps, wooden showpieces, incense sticks, etc. Here, are some things that I bought.


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Daycation at Taj Aguada

The State of Goa for most, is about soft sands, simmering blue waters, swaying palms and beautiful churches. However, this former Portuguese colony offers us way more with its cuisine, architecture, the mountains and its beautiful palm trees.

Here is a blog post on how I spent an entire day at Taj Holiday Village Goa. From having a morning full of adventure sports at the top of a mountain, to enjoying the best Goan Thali at Morisco. From sipping on cocktails by the pool to a very very relaxing head “Champi” surrounded by lush green palms at Jiva Spa. Here’s how one can plan a “Day-cation” in the heart of luxury while enjoying the essence of Goa.


To start with, my Day-cation at Taj Village began with Adventure activities that gave me the much needed adrenaline rush to kick start the day. Adventure provides a much needed reprieve to people from their humdrum routine lives. If travelling, exploring and mountains have thrilled you then you’re in for a treat! Taj offers Adventure Sports like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Jummaring for as less as 300/- rupees per person, per activity and at the same time makes sure you are secured the entire time with their safety gears.

To be honest, I’m scared of heights but I enjoyed my experience at the Zip Liner, an Ariel journey over the hill fort as the vast Arabian Sea stared silently.

After the debilitated adventure thrill, I headed right out to lunch at Morisco. The restaurant sits at the cliff, looking down upon the endless ocean. The menu at Morisco has been shaped by the confluence of various cultures over the years and the end result has been a fiery lip-smacking and authentic Goan cuisine. The food was served in a big thali with almost 10 different dishes in bowls.

It contained of two different kinds of rice; Goan rice and Basmati rice, and the side dishes included every Goan’s favourite- the Prawns curry, Kullyanche (Crab) Xec Xec, Tendli sukhem, Cafreal, Mutton xacuti, Russian salad, sol kadi and an amazingly simmered piece of kingfish, fried in authentic red masala. For dessert, I had Alle Belle; a delicious coconut/jaggery filling in a light crepe batter, which got back my childhood memories for sure. Additionally they also served us Naan but with a twist. For the first time in my life I had a “Balchao” naan and that was the highlight for me to be honest!

Next in plan was spa, something that I had been craving for a long. Jiva Spa at Taj Aguada Goa is known as one of the most sought spa that the beach state has to offer. It makes use of luxurious oils for its treatments and massages, for absolute relaxation as well as rejuvenation of the tired body mind and soul. To start with they offered me a unique refreshing drink while explaining the different types of massages and treatments that they offer. There were a lot of body massages but at that moment I felt that I needed a massage that would de-stress my mind. So I went in for the “Champi” (Tradition head massage). I was given a white robe and was advised to take a steam bath 5 minutes prior to my massage to open my pores, straight after that I was taken to my therapy room that smelled absolutely divine. The soothing music played during the therapy ensure tranquillity of my mind. The therapist massaged my head with an oil infused with hair beneficial ingredients. Also I additionally got a neck and back massage too. Post the treatment my mind and body felt relaxed and rejuvenated to take on life after this amazing Day-cation.

It soon turned dark and I knew my day had come to an end. I ended my Day-cation at Taj Fort Aguada, chilling besides the pool with a lemon cocktail in my hand just cause going into the pool after a therapy wasn’t advisable.


So here was a blog on how I spent my day at Taj Aguada. Do let me know your views on it and if you’re planning on Day-cationing don’t hesitate to message me on heythatkimberly@gmail.com for any queries.

Until next time..

A trek to the sumptuous waterfall: The Netravali falls

The electrifying spirit of Goa undoubtedly imprints a lasting effect on our memories. It is sad that being  Goans we haven’t explored the gems that Goa possesses. Goa has been known for its coastal line, heritage and parties and nightlife but never for its waterfalls. Now it’s time we pick our magnifying glasses to find mind blowing gems of Goa. When is it a better time than the rainy season when waterfalls are at its peak know?


Amidst the jungles of the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary lies “Savari waterfall” which torrents down by creating a splendid aura. Visitors have to trek through the forest to get a glimpse of this splendid waterfall. I have heard that people take a 4-5 km trek to reach the waterfall. The trek goes through a village, a river and a forest. Perhaps I dint want to walk so much or rather I wanted to reach the waterfall as soon as possible. Impatient as always!

We took the road down the Curdi village and reached the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary entry gate. Rode all the way up to the ghat. On your way up you’ll find another magnificent waterfall called the Mainapi Waterfall but Mainapi is a trek of 5 kms and we were too late to take it. Also, comparatively Mainapi is smaller than the Savari waterfall. After riding for 2 kms in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary we finally reached our destination. From there we had to trek for about a kilometre until we reached the Savari Waterfall.

The best time to visit the waterfall is from August to October. Also, all we could do was take pictures as there were many leeches in certain parts and we did not want to take any risks. You also have to know that the waterfall shuts entry at 4:30 pm from the main entry gate. Also, the trek is a little slippery so wear your best grip shoes. I would also recommend that if you’re planning to go there, go there in a group of five or more because you might find a lot of unwanted creatures there (tourist men). Also alcohol is strictly prohibited in the entire zone.  Food and beverages are allowed. Lastly, the entry to the sanctuary is 20 Rs per person and 25 Rs per  two wheeler.

I hope this article on the Netravali waterfall is helpful to you.
Write to me if you have any more questions on it.
Until next time. xoxo

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